Superfeet 1412 Unisex Maximum Support Insole Review

Thinking about feet is, at times, the last thing an athlete thinks about when competing. It is, however, the first thing an employee after an eight-hour shift on his/her feet groans about. In either situation, feet are an easily overlooked (yes, literally) extremity that even the minutest care will exhibit change for the better. My care started with orthotics.

Spending quite a lot of time digging through my grandmother’s recipe books and attempting to become Julia Child, I take days out of the month rushing around my kitchen flaming crème brûlée, sautéing butter sauces and wrestling lobsters to steamy deaths (which, by the way, kills your appetite). Needless to say, my feet see no rest. My knees and legs ache, and, after an evening run, attempting to burn every calorie Julia Child’s butter induces, my feet cry for Epsom salt and my boyfriend’s foot massage.

My first set of orthotics is called Superfeet 1412 unisex Premium Insole for Maximum Support. I purchased them after a man at a running store in Philadelphia analyzed my feet – measured my foot length, width and arch height and even had me run on a treadmill, finding that I run on the outsides of my feet. They are green, fit into my running shoes perfectly and aid in preventing plantar fasciitis with maximum shock absorbance. Mainly, I reduce my fatigue and risk of injury – meaning an increase in kitchen time. Though this leads to more of a need for exercise, my orthotics can handle it – and in nearly any shoe. Mine have not even picked up one scent.

For women especially, callouses can be difficult to cut back on and are by no means replacements for inserts. Coming from a varsity track runner (and team chef), it is common to see $100+ running shoes, cleats, spikes, manual labor shoes and boots because of the “additional support and foot design.” The more cost-effective method seems to be getting reasonably priced footwear and slipping in my inserts for an afternoon in one pair of shoes and an evening in another pair.